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March 25 2023

...No one loves a Christmas tree

On March the twenty-fifth

Shel Silverstein was right ... March 25th is definitely not December 25th. But if he had been writing about the garden, it would have been a poem of delight. The sun is finally filling the late afternoons with some warmth, and nights no longer require heat in the greenhouse for the not-so hardy. There's still a chilly wind at times but the flowering plums are on full show. Punching out their shocking pink against the grey browns of northwest winter slumber. 

We took the dogs for our usual Saturday wander in nearby wild spaces. Salix hookeriana catkins filled the low spaces, and close inspection at ground level found burgeoning sprouts of Lupinus perennis, Daucus carotus, and lichen galore. The boys had a lengthy pond swim, only briefly disturbing the ducking about of various mallard and northern shoveler couples. 

Back inside, tomato and pepper seedlings are ready for potting up. To me, the scent of tomato plantlings is spring is an even match for cedar bows in December!